Vehicle Tracking NI

Vehicle Tracking NI affordable tracking at only 30p per day

Vehicle Tracker NI wil assist in reducing fuel costs Vehicle Tracker NI wil assist in reducing fuel costs Vehicle Tracker NI wil assist in reducing fuel costs

Vehicle Tracking NI trackers cost £100 for supply and fitting and then £10 per month for full worldwide coverage
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Vehicle Tracking NI Key Features

We work throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

The core advantages of vehicle tracking systems are:

  • Trip Stop reports
  • Accurate Timesheets and reduced expenses
  • Personal Vehicle use
  • Customer visit verification
  • Idling Reports
  • Route Mapping
  • Reduces the threat of theft to all of your vehicles.
  • If a vehicle is stolen, police can easily track it and recover it.
  • Driver performance can be monitored and improved including speed, rest breaks and location with live tracking.
  • Insurance premiums can be reduced significantly.

Increased security

Vehicle Tracking can help save you money on your INSURANCE. It does this by increasing the security of your vehicles. If the worst happens and your vehicle is stolen, the tracker can pin point its location and help the police recover it, minimising the chances of damage and loss. Insurance brokers see this as a valuable security feature and offer significantly cheaper insurance premiums for business and personal use.

Monitoring performance

Vehicle tracking offers many other benefits as well, it allows you to monitor driver performance, ensure your drivers are taking scheduled breaks and monitor their speed. It also allows for greater efficiencies in route planning options to help you run things as cost effectively as possible as well as much more.